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  Welcome to the site of the Pee Dee Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society. We are one of the oldest chapters in the state. We've been around since 1976, when our charter members began organizing a new genealogical society to serve the Pee Dee area. We organized with the primary goals and aims of furthering genealogical research in the Pee Dee area, and of preserving and making available the old records, especially those of Old Marion District.

When we began, we were the only genealogical society in the Pee Dee Section of South Carolina. Since then, other genealogical societies have been established in some of the other Pee Dee counties. We have welcomed Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS, and the Chesterfield Chapter, SCGS. In addition, there are Historical Societies in Horry and Williamsburg Counties that are very active in genealogical research. So the Pee Dee Chapter has come to primarily focus on the counties that evolved from Old Marion District - Dillon, Marion, and Florence Counties, and on Marlboro County (old Marlborough District). However we do not exclude information from and about any of the counties that make up the Pee Dee area - many of our families travelled widely and had connections throughout the whole Pee Dee area.

Chapter meetings are held on the second Sunday of each month at 3:00 p.m. We meet in the Pee Dee Federal Savings Bank at 106 Court Street, in Marion, SC. Visitors are welcome. In May there is a Tour and Picnic for chapter members and their invited guests. In December there is a Show and Tell social & potluck. There are no meetings in July and August.

The genealogical collections of the Pee Dee Chapter are housed at the Marion County Archives and History Center.

Annual membership dues are $18 for an individual and $20 for a family. Annual dues for members of other SCGS Chapters are $10. Members receive the Pee Dee Queue (the bimonthly chapter newsletter) and the Carolina Herald, the quarterly newsletter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society.

Send check payable to Pee Dee Chapter to:

Pee Dee Chapter, SCGS
P.O. Box 1428,
Marion, SC 29571-1428

The South Carolina Genealogical Society may be contacted via their website.

We have published The Pee Dee Queue - the bimonthly newsletter of the Pee Dee Chapter, SCGS - since 1977. Back issues are available.





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Jeffrey Dudley



Vice President:

Jeffery David Murrie



Recording Secretary:

Julie Morgan Culbertson



Corresponding Secretary:

Helen Belden Moody




Holly L. Moody



Chapter Director (SCGS):

Tom Gasque



Editor, Pee Dee Queue:

Tom Gasque



Chapter Archivist:

R. Maxcy Foxworth, Jr.

Marion County Archives & History Center
101 N. Main Street
Marion, SC 29571

(843) 431-5024
Monday - Thursday
12 noon - 5:00 pm



Jo Church Dickerson




The year 2006 marks 30 years since the charter of the Pee Dee Chapter, SCGS. And what a time those thirty years have been, both in terms of genealogy and the world. We cannot help but wonder what our founding members who have departed would think of this world of genealogy that we now have, with instant access to genealogists around the globe. How could they have imagined charts on just about every family abounding on the internet (right, wrong, well-cited or indifferent, we are all captivated by them). Could they have foreseen a time when stamps and the postal service would be obsolete? When queries would be answered sometimes within seconds of sending them? When SASE was a mystery that made young researchers look questioningly at their elders? When youngsters turned up their noses at the very idea of spending all day hunched over a microfilm reader? Or when Bibles that had been carried West over 100 years ago were rediscovered when distant cousins made contact online, and Bible records came back home to be shared by all? How could they have foreseen, when they attended that first meeting at Old Ebenezer Church - that thirty short years would result in a home for the Chapter Archives in the Old Records Building, right alongside the old Marion County records which they fought so hard to preserve; a website for the chapter; and best of all, the chapter and the
Pee Dee Queue still going strong, even in the face of the internet?

Indeed, perhaps partially because of it.....

This little tribute is to memorialize our deceased members, & honor those charter members and other early members who are still among us.
We thank them all for bringing this chapter together.

All below was found in a scrapbook in the Pee Dee Chapter Archives. The scrapbook was apparently kept by one of the early officers, but no name was in evidence on it. We are in the process of fixing up our Chapter Archives files. If anyone has photographs, articles, memorialia or other items of interest we would be delighted to place them - or copies - in the files and make them available to other members and researchers.

Officers of the Pee Dee Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society who were installed at a meeting here Sunday are, from the left: Walter Clay, Mullins, first vice president (projects); Mrs. Elizabeth Hendrix [front], Dillon, president; Mrs. Thelma Clark, Marion, recording secretary; Mrs. Marilyn Roberts, Latta, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Joy Horton, Latta, treasurer; R. Maxcy Foxworth Jr., Marion, archivist-historian. Dillon Herald, Dillon, S.C., Thursday, Jan. 13, 1977

The astute web surfer will notice that there are seven people in the photo above, but only six names.
This is exactly as it appeared in the original Dillon Herald article.

ACCORDING TO Maxcy Foxworth, the names are, Elizabeth Hendrix in front. Then, from left:
Walter Clay , "Teenie" McLendon [whose name was omitted in original], Thelma Clark, Marilyn Roberts, Joy Horton, Maxcy Foxworth.

Directors and chairmen of the Pee Dee chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society include, from the left: Haywood A. Stanley, Marion, finance; Mrs. Ben R. Mullins, Marion, constitution; Mrs. Marion Gambrell, Mullins, hospitality; John C. Cottingham, Dillon, director; Doris Dunn, Mullins, director.

Charter members named in the Dillon Herald article of Jan. 13, 1977:

Edward Blair Baker, Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. Sallie Berry, Latta
Mrs. Sam J. Berry, Latta
Mrs. C. E. Bethea, Latta
Tom C. Bethea, Dillon
Nell Campbell Biglow, Elizabethtown, N.C.
Talbert Blackmon, Marion
Sue L. Blizzard, Fayetteville, N.C.
Geraldine L. Brigman, Marion
Caroline C. Caddell, Dillon
Mrs. Thomas B. Clark, Jr., Marion
Wade Campbell, Greenville
Mrs. Doyle Clay, Mullins
Walter Clay, Mullins
Elizabeth F. Cottingham, Dillon
John C. Cottingham, Dillon
Mrs. Lacy Davis, Greensboro, N.C.
Doris Allen Dunn, Mullins
Langdon B. Dunn, Mullins
R. Maxcy Foxworth, Jr., Marion
Mrs. Marion E. Gambrell, Mullins
Mrs. Sarah L. Gleason, Fork
Jessie McCall Grainger, Mullins
Ann Burton Henderson, Marion
Mrs. Elizabeth Hendrix, Dillon
Joy B. Horton, Latta
John C. Horton, Latta
Falba L. Johnson, Marion
Otha C. Lane, Latta
Mrs. Malcolm McLendon, Marion
Brown L. Mims, Sr., Dillon
Mr. & Mrs. Ben R. Mullins, Marion
Harry A. Jones, Nichols
Mr. & Mrs. Fran G. Noon, Jonesboro, Ga.
Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Perkins, Akron, Ohio & Fork
Bruce C. Powell, Jr., Fair Bluff, N.C.
Ed Roberts, Latta
Marilyn Roberts, Latta
Melba Rogers, Marion
Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Stackhouse, Marion
Haywood A. Stanley, Marion
H. A. Stone, Lakeland, Fla.
Margaret L. Utley, Mullins
Lillian Watson, Mullins

I have been told by one of the Charter Members that there may have been others; that charter membership was held open for some more time beyond the first meeting. If anyone knows of other charter members who are not listed here we would love to have their names.

Persons attending the October 24, 1976 organizational meeting held at
Old Ebenezer Church
Temperance Hill, Marion County, SC.

This was the first public organizational meeting for the Pee Dee Chapter, SCGS.
Apparently not all present joined, so this is NOT a listing of charter members.

Sallie Berry, Latta
Verlinda Watson, Latta
Otho Lane, Latta
Elizabeth G. Hendrix, Dillon
C. E. Hendrix, Dillon
Norman Rogers, Marion
Clara McKissick, Marion
Melba Rogers, Marion
Lillian Watson, Mullins
Jessie McCall Grainger, Mullins
Mrs. Marion E. Gambrell, Mullins
Mrs. George H. Mims, Goose Creek
Mrs. Harvey E. Heath, Florence
Mrs. Lawson Jordan, Mullins
Mrs. St. Clair Davis, Marion
Margaret S. Lipscomb (Mrs. R. E.), Mullins
Mrs. Lillian Bane Osgood, Myrtle Beach
Mrs. Jack L. Nye, Mullins
Walter Clay, Mullins
Glennie Bryant Dew (Mrs. James L.), Mullins
Harry A. Jones, Nichols
John C. Cottingham, Dillon
Tom C. Bethea, Dillon
Brown L. Mims, Sr., Dillon
Charlie L. Stackhouse, Marion
George C. Watson, Latta
Talbert Blackmon, Marion
Dorothy R. Rogers, Mullins
Ameila Nora Sandford, Mullins
Nell Campbell Biglow, Elizabethtown, N.C.
Tracy F. Finklea, Latta
Belva J. Finklea, Latta
Sue L. Blizzard, Fayetteville, N.C.
Mrs. C. E. Bethea, Latta
Joy B. Horton, Latta
John C. Horton, Latta
Jenny Bethea, Latta
W. F. Perkins, Akron, Ohio & Fork, S.C.
Sarah Taylor Perkins, Akron, Ohio & Fork, S.C.
Marion Co. Library, (B. Mullins) [sic]
Mr. Ben R. Mullins III, Marion
Mrs. Ben R. Mullins III, Marion
R. Maxcy Foxworth, Jr., Marion
Mrs. Malcolm McLendon, Marion
Mrs. Samuel O. Cantey, Jr., Marion
Mrs. Thomas B. Clark, Jr., Marion
Frank G. Noon, Jonesboro, Ga.
Barbara C. Noon, Jonesboro, Ga.
William Foster Rogers, Fork
Wade Campbell, Greenville


Marion Courthouse, 1853

Pee Dee Chapter Officers

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Dillon Courthouse, 1911

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