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Great Pee Dee River at Allison's Landing, Florence County
(One dark and stormy day...)

Allison's Landing is in that part of Florence County that was cut from Marion in 1888. It is in what was colonial Queensborough Township. The townships were an early settlement scheme. In the 1730s several townships, each covering thousands of acres, were laid out along the rivers. Tracts within the townships were offered as grants to settlers to induce them to come. Queensborough was the only one of the townships laid out on the Pee Dee River.

At about the same time the Welch Baptists of Delaware were offered a large tract of their own, to be laid out bounding just to the north of Queensborough Township. It was later extended further north, to what we know now as the Welch Tract in Marlboro and Darlington Counties, but was originally laid out in what is now Marion and Florence County, and the first grants to early Welch settlers in the Welch Tract were in this area. Confusing matters even more is that the first Welch Tract, laid out in 1736, seems to have overlapped the northern end of Queensborough Township by some 10,000 acres. (Alexander Gregg, History of the Old Cheraws, between pp48-49. Reproduction of a copy of the 1736 plat for the Welch Tract.)

Towns to be located near the rivers were envisioned and planned within the larger townships, and came to fruition in some of the townships, for example, Conwayborough in Kingston Township on the Waccamaw River, Kingstree in Williamsburg Township on the Black River. Each of the grantees within the township were entitled to purchase a lot within the planned town. But while some lots were laid out and granted for a town within Queensborough Township, historians state that for unknown reasons no town developed.

Allison's Landing is just a little upriver from Port's Ferry, and east of the present day village of Poston. Old maps indicate that the planned town of Queensborough (that never developed) was in the vicinity of Allison's Landing and Poston. A 1757/58 map by William deBrahms shows the planned town between a river bluff he called "Middle Bluff" and a bluff or little series of bluffs at what is now Allison's Landing which he called "the Triple Bluff." There is a low bluff still at the landing, mostly paved over for a parking lot. I was standing on the edge of the bluff when I took the above photograph.

The early Townships of South Carolina are a fascinating study, and much more can be found in Gregg's History of the Old Cheraws, Sellers' History of Marion County, and various sites online. Names of settlers who had grants in Queensborough Township can be located by using the SCDAH Online Index and searching on location: queensborough



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Joshua Barfield's Mill
Stephen Ford's Mill

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Family Website Links - Please Read

These links are offsite websites that are related to families that lived in or passed through Old Marion District, Marlboro, and other Pee Dee area counties. Some of the sites belong to members of the Pee Dee Chapter, SCGS. Others are interesting because they mention or touch on local families. Some are clearing houses or one-name-studies for surnames that are represented in the Pee Dee area. If you know of other family websites of interest, please send the link for evaluation.


The Pee Dee Chapter wants to make our members and the public aware of other websites with information about Pee Dee area families, and to point out some of their highlights and surnames. However the Pee Dee Chapter CANNOT guarantee the validity or accuracy of the research and information on other websites. It is up to the individual researcher to verify any information they might find.

Marty Grant's Genealogy Pages

Marty has an amazing amount of data on his genealogy pages about many families of Old Marion District. Families under study here include Barnes, Blackman, Campbell, Collins, Crawford, Cribb, Edwards, Floyd, Huggins, James, Johnson, Lane, Sanders/Saunders, Turner, Wood, and more. Anyone doing genealogy in Old Marion has to take a look. Well cited and fascinating.

One name study with pdf newsletters and a great deal of information.

Descendants of Richard Adams
Family line of Shockley Adams, of Marlboro County.

Ashworth & Related
Lee Murrah's family website. Local connections include Ashworth, Dial, Perkins, perhaps others. James Ashworth was in the Pee Dee Area during and before the Revolutionary War. Of special interest to those with mixed racial heritage.

Bethea, Berry, & Other Related
Barbara's ancestor, Philip Y. Bethea, was a former sheriff of Marion County. The 1882 map of Marion County is based on his update of the Mills Atlas map of Marion District. This is a wonderful site for anyone interested in the history of the Pee Dee area. NOTE: Barbara's transcription of The Writings of P. Y. Bethea is available from the Pee Dee Chapter.

See James Robert Bethea home, below; James Robert was father of Philip Y. Bethea.

James Robert Bethea House, Built c1854
Near Latta, Dillon County, SC

Thanks to Millie & Percy George for the photograph. The house has since been moved several miles by Millie & Percy, and is now located near the intersection of Hwy. 38 and 917 near I-95.

Bethea Family Organization
Another Bethea family site - charts and many photos. Manning-Parham house (old photo), Arkansas Bethea family. Directions to Bethea cemeteries and more.

"Our Boatwright / Boatright Family Genealogy"
Traces the Boatwright family from Hanover County, Virginia to South Carolina. Includes
information on African-American Boatwright families. Link suggested by Beth Bothwell.

Website by Ed Dunn. Largely about the Bracey family of the Rowland and Abbotsburg area of Robeson County, North Carolina, but they had many ties to Marion County, including Miller, Abbot, Thompson, other families. Ed has posted some wonderful old photos. I found pics of my Marion/Dillon County Horn and Thompson relatives here. There is also a great 1906 family reunion photo featuring Louisa Jane (Miller) Bracey, granddaughter of "Old Man" William Miller of Marion/Dillon.

Braswell Genealogy Blogspot
This blog has many original document transcriptions with many Braswell links and other resources with a search engine. Braswell Family Resources, formerly at has disappeared. Many Braswell sites pop up on a Google search for <braswell family history>.

"The Bryan Family Home Page - Descendants of Jesse Bryan of SC."
Bob Bryan's family chart showing his descent from Jesse Bryant and wife Mourning Smith Bryant. Bob descends from their son, Jesse Bryan(t), Jr., who migrate
d from Marion District, SC in the 1820s to West Florida Territory and settled in Covington County, Alabama. Bob's biography of Jesse Jr. is especially interesting.

Levender Cameron and his wife Hester and their family left the Nichols area of Old Marion about 1807. This website follows the Marion County MS line believed to be their family.

Debbie Church Kerner's Carmichael family website, with information on Carmichaels everywhere, but especially in Marion/Dillon County, SC. Debbie was the Clan Carmichael USA Genealogist for many years. Her genealogical columns, Carmichael Connections, which appear in the Clan newsletter, The Eagle's Gate, are here. Plus some photos. Be sure to take a look at her Guest Book, which contains Carmichael queries from all over the world. (Debbie is no longer updating the site, but the valuable information is still there.

Old immigrant Carmichael Cemetery

near Little Pee Dee Presbyterian Church.

Carmichael & McCormick
Nancy Bristern original website was taken down with Geocities' demise. Her new website has some information on the Carmichaels, particularly on the Commodore Dougald Carmichael family of Marion County with links to her McCormick page.

Herbert Turner's "Christmas Home Page" has been online since 1997, and his chart is documented with must-see notes. Christmas was a small family whose connections included Ammons, Calder, Foxworth, Lane, and Turner families. (See the descendants of William Christmas, son of Jonathan.)

Several lines are followed. Clues to the origins of the Marion County Coleman family may be in some of the files posted here that include charts, abstracts of documents, and details on the Coleman family of Bladen/Robeson/Columbus County, NC. Many family names famliar to Marion area researchers can be found in the charts and notes posted here, including the Nichols family. (Also see Culpepper, below)

Conner Family of Wahee
This site is no longer at
African-American family with early roots in Marion County, in particular in the Wahee area. Website includes a family tree beginning with James Conner, Sr. (born 1841) and his father, a slave named James who came from Spartanburg County, SC. Also shows connections to Williams, Wise, Johnson, and other Marion families; family & tombstone photos. If you know of another web address for these pages please share.

Photo by Doug Smith, February 2012:

Rare Dwarf Palmetto. Rarely seen north of the Santee River,
they grow abundantly in the woods in Wahee Neck.

Culpepper Family Clearing House
Another well done family clearing house; has a link to the Culpepper family of old Marion:
Culpepper of Marion County
Follows Henry Culpepper who came from Martin County, NC and married Mary Coleman. A number of Marion deeds are cited showing lands on Jeffries Creek, in what is now Florence County. Other family names mentioned here are Brown, Burnet, Derackin, Exum, Gregg, Hicks, many more. There is also a link here that follows the Coleman line and some interesting data on
Robert Coleman, Pee Dee area Revolutionary War veteran, and his wife Prudence.

The original website at by Vanik and Bernadine Eaddy no longer works. brings up many Eaddy Family History sites, some that reference the research of Vanik and Bernadine, who has passed away.

Finklea - link states site is "frozen" on 10/25/2015.
"The Finklea Family Web Page" by Betsy Finklea states:
"We are the Finkleas of Latta, South Carolina in Dillon County" and features some good discussions of the local Finklea family on the "Query and Research" pages.

"Genealogy of the Finklea Family"
Joe M. Newton's Finklea site has a little about the Marion County Finklea family.

"References for Glisson Families of America & England" by Phillip L. Glisson is a Glisson family clearing house site. There is a section on the Glisson family in South Carolina including a few references for the Marion County Glisson family.

Godbold Cousins
Bushy Hartman's amazing collection of Godbold resources. Includes many scans of original documents and numerous transcriptions. A must see for anyone doing research in old Marion.

Thomas Godbold House, Marion

Godbolds of the Southeastern United States is no longer working.
Ed Godbold's site. Information on some of the Godbolds who went west. Also includes more documentation on the early Godbolds of South Carolina.

Graves Family Association
Have to search for individuals or locations. Contains documents, genealogies, DNA project, Graves Family Bulletin, much more. Found within this site is the following webpage about the
Graves Family of Marion County - DESCENDANTS OF JOSEPH GREAVES - with information on the early Graves/Greaves family that settled in Brittons Neck and provided several Revolutionary War soldiers who fought with Francis Marion.

Facebook group created by chapter member Phyllis Thomas, for descendants of John J. Hamilton and Mary "Polly" Henderson of Marion/Dillon County. Provides a way for Hamilton cousins to interact and learn more about their family history.

Website by Allen Hunter about his ancestors, Allen Hunter (1786-1869) and his wife, Rebecca Morris Hunter (1800-1871). They resided near Pamplico, in the part of old Marion County that became Florence. Many photos, tombstone inscriptions, old document transcriptions, etc.

This site by Robert W. Baird is about the Ivey family generally, but there are numerous references to families that are associated with old Marion District, including some Ivey family members who moved to old Marion. There are some fascinating old records relating to Marion County, local families of color, and all sorts of goodies on this website. Of special interest to Pee Dee researchers will be the links at the bottom of Bob's homepage, which contain local references.

Jolly & Goodyear
"Absalom Jolly married Rhoda Jane Goodyear in 1848 at Nichols, SC" and they soon moved to Alachua County, Florida. This is their story, by their descendant and researcher Dorris Harrison.

Site at no longer loads properly.
If you know of another web address for these pages please share.
Genealogical information on the Berry, Dew, Greenwood, Jordan, Owens, Smith, Sweet, Vaught, and Wall families.

Keefe / Keith
Troy Keefe's website about Keefe's and related families. Troy discusses many families associated with western Marion County (especially in what is now Florence County) including, besides Keefe,
Bigham, Boatright, Bostick, Cain, Eaddy, Hanna, Hyman, and others.

Land and estate records, Rev War records, timeline and more of many Lewis family members in NE South Carolina & SE North Carolina; includes Wm. Lewis of Horry, Benjamin Lewis, many others.

G. M. "Matt" Lupo's website has information on many Lupo families who resided in many areas, including old Marion, but all seem related to the Lupo family of early Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Of special interest is Matt's groundbreaking work on the early Lupos in England and in Virginia. His archive of correspondence among Lupo family researchers, the old Lupo Genealogy Exchange, is posted here. (Matt has removed the correspondence archives from the website.) The music you hear on his site was composed by an early Lupo court musician.

McNeill, McPherson & Related
"Cape Fear Clans" is an excellent site about the McNeill and McPherson families, a few of whom moved into upper Marion (now Dillon) County. Many records are posted, including some pertaining to South Carolina. The pamphlet "Annals of Ashpole" by Judge Zachary T. Fulmore is posted here at the Special Records link - with names of a number of families associated with upper Marion.

Middleton Travels
This site, formerly at, cannot be located.
The website was created by John W. Middleton who states: I have a website that has a lot of info on the Middleton's who left Marion, SC, in the very early 1800 and migrated to both Mississippi Territory and Alabama. Our line is connected to Maxcy Foxworth through Job Foxworth, b. before 1765. (There is a very large amount of information on the Marion District Middleton family here, including some research notes by Maxcy Foxworth.) This is a very nicely done family website that loads quickly and painlessly.

Having to do with the Monroes of North Carolina, but there are connections to the Marion County Monroe family, the Carmichael, Gaddy, and Moody families, and possibly others.

The Grove: The Inn on Harllee
Located on a beautiful five acre tract in downtown Marion, the W. J. Montgomery house is the residence of chapter members Denley and Ann Caughman. It is also a Bed and Breakfast Inn. The Grove is convenient for researchers or shoppers, only three blocks from the Marion Archives, Marion Library, and downtown shops. There is a Francis Marion Room, and a large display of Montgomery family memorabilia (photographs, letters, etc.).

Muldrew /
Muldrow / McMuldrough
This site, formerly at, cannot be found.
A Florence and Darlington County family, with connections to several early families of "Old Marion" including Finklea, Godbold, Hinds,Thompson and others.

Munnerlyn Family
Francine's website regrettably cannot be located.
This website by Francine Munnerlyn Jones is chock full of data and records that Francine has collected, transcribed, researched, written and posted here regarding the Munnerlyn family. A very nicely done site, will provide hours of reading about this early family.

James Munnerlyn's Webpages
This Munnerlyn website also cannot be located
Much more on the Munnerlyn family of Old Marion; more documents, deeds, information about family members, links to letters, etc. James and Francine have been working together on their Munnerlyn family, and have collected quite a treasure of old Munnerlyn records.

Price DNA Project & Family Pages
Cathy Price Harmon's website with a difference - documentation of a DNA project involving male desendants of the Price family. Cathy descends from Laban Price, who went from old Marion District to Alachua County, Florida in the mid 1800s. There are links here to Cathy's Price charts, Price family research, and photographs.

Betty Lou Robbins Norem has built this website about her ancestor, Thomas Robbins, who came wth his family from Edgecombe County NC to the Buck Swamp area of old Marion District SC about 1815. Several of his children intermarried with local families. Thomas, his wife Mary, and most of their children moved on to Conecuh County, Alabama within a couple of decades. Betty's chart follows her Conecuh County line from Thomas, and follows Thomas Robbins back through Edgecombe County. One son, Frederick, married Mary Moody and remained in Dillon County.

Robbins-Moody Home
The home of one of Frederick Robbins' descendants is still standing at Kemper, near Lake View in Dillon County. Still known as "the Robbins place" - the last Robbins who occupied the home was Mrs. Voncille (Robbins) Moody, wife of Chester Moody, both deceased.
Update: This old home, empty for many years, was torn down about 2008.

Sanders Family Association
"A family club for ALL Sanders - Saunders descendants."
Post a query. Or click on the History Link for records, individuals, locations, etc.

The Snipes Family of Marion, SC
A Family TreeMaker site by Pee Dee Chapter member William Snipes.
Bill has also placed a CD with Snipes family data in the Marion Archives.

The James Thompson family by Michael Hilt, who descends from James Thompson's son, John W. Thompson. This is the James Thompson whose lands lay on Middle Branch, a tributary of Jeffries Creek, in the Mars Bluff section of Florence County.

Timmons, Cook, and Related Families
Ray Timmons' website - a must see for anyone with families on lower Lynches Creek.
Be sure you take a look at the scanned plats Ray has posted here. Also photographs, maps, Huguenots, and family charts with notes and citations.

Trusler (Britton's Neck)
A Charleston family, it's unclear whether Edward and William Trusler ever resided on their lands in Britton's Neck. However this website provides some documentary history of the Truslers that mentions locals such as Abraham and Hugh Giles. It appears that Truslow Lake, located between Giles Bay and Little Pee Dee River in Britton's Neck, was probably named for the Trusler family.

A clearing house for surname Turbeville.
Info on the Marion County Turbevilles, links, and other helpful information.
Websites of Blake Tyner, primarily about Robeson County, NC, our neighbor to the north.

Watson Family Association
The Watson Family Association Website (Isham & Mary Hays Watson). Information about the Association meetings and reunions at Antioch Church.

Under "Major Family Groups" you will find links to some White and Holloway family members who were in the Pee Dee area. Some interesting colonial era documents on these webpages including a petition from the War of Regulation and the will of Reuben White.

The book, "The Windham Family" by Amasa B. Windham, is posted on David Windham's website. Contains records and history of the Windham family of the Pee Dee area.


Jackson-McGill Cemetery
Marion, South Carolina
On Highway 76 just east of the town of Marion, this is the back section of this lovely and large African-American cemetery. The cemetery is associated with Jackson-McGill Funeral Home of Marion.

An even older African-American cemetery is adjacent, in the woods to the right or west, but is not maintained. Known for many years as the Wise Chapel or St. John A.M.E. Cemetery, it was even earlier known as the Graham Cemetery. It was cleared in winter/spring 2009, and has been surveyed by Shirley-Cribb Matlock. Her tombstone transcriptions, and the history of the land (back to 1757) is available in The Pee Dee Queue, in the November-December 2009 issue.


Gaddy's Millpond on Beaver Dam Creek at Bear Swamp in Dillon County

Legette's Millpond on Reedy Creek near Centenary in Marion County


Stephen Ford's Millpond on Crutchelow Branch near Nichols in Marion County. Shown on Mills' 1824 Atlas of South Carolina.

Joshua Barfield's Millpond at the confluence of Briery Branch and Morgan's Swamp near Nichols in Marion County


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