Jonah Collins Cemetery

In 1852 Jonah Collins, Sr., made a deed and plat for one acre which he gave to sons, Thomas R., Jonah, Jr., and William to be used as a "burrying ground and for no other purpose." In 1854 Jonah, Sr. died. Though he has no tombstone, he is presumably buried here, probably with his two wives, more of his many children, grandchildren, and perhaps his parents and some siblings. The location of the cemetery was unknown to modern Collins researchers until very recently.

On 19 March 2011 several descendants of the Collins family of Marion County gathered at the Jonah Collins Cemetery, south of Marion on Collins Creek. Pee Dee Chapter members and Collins descendants Jackie Collins Hargrove, Melissa McCain Skipper, Jo Church Dickerson, and Marshall Smith were there representing the Collins family; we were joined in spirit by Charles McRae and Marty Grant. We were accompanied by Ed Blackburn, the landowner. Ed had assisted with a previous visit in 2010, at which time Jerri White, Maxcy Foxworth, and Clayton & Mickie Collins were present.

Jackie and Melissa made the survey on 19 March 2011, and it appears in the March-April issue of the chapter newsletter, the Pee Dee Queue.

The cemetery was photographed in February 2010 by Jerri White and in March 2011 by Melissa Skipper, Jackie Hargrove, and Jo Dickerson. These are some of the photographs. A disk containing the full transcription with all the photos is now in the Marion County Archives.

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Collins Cemetery, from front.

Jonah Collins [Jr.] and his wife, Lannie [unknown].
Jonah is the only child of Jonah, Sr. with a marker.

Front Rows, Marlow and Davis families, who possibly descend from Jonah, Jr.

Jackie and Melissa - hard at work.

Samuel Collins [Grandson of old Jonah]

Joseph B. Collins [Grandson of old Jonah]

A. J. Collins and wife, Minnie C. Marlow, two of only 4 fallen stones.

Melissa, Ed, Jackie, Marshall at fallen stone of Joseph B. Collins, at back of Cemetery.


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